Aging-In-Place Remodeling, Creating Safe, Accessible Homes in the Spokane Area

Changes in physical and mental health are almost inevitable as we age. Fortunately, a change in your address doesn’t always have to follow as a result. For those who are approaching advanced ages or experiencing changes in ability, turn to Gold Seal Plumbing for modern day conveniences to enhance quality of life. Our expertise in aging in place services helps to create safe, accessible homes in the Spokane Area.


When it comes to Gold Seal Plumbing’s aging in place services, safety is our top priority. From grab bars and scald protection to leak detection, we work with each customer individually to choose the best fixtures and the most necessary functionality so you can be confident and comfortable in your home for as long as possible.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the importance of aging in place services after seeing firsthand the struggles of friends and family members as they age. Gold Seal Plumbing is proud to provide aging in place services to offer comfort and confidence. Whether it’s our senior friends or a family member who’s caring for a relative, our team is ready and willing to help with modern day conveniences to enhance quality of life.