Aging in Place with Help from Gold Seal Plumbing

This spring, Gold Seal is emphasizing the assistance of seniors aging in place with safety and ease. In these times, it is especially important to have a well functioning home that works for you. We have a multitude of options to help age in place as easily as possible for you or a family member.

Some of the biggest problem areas at home for those of us aging gracefully or with limited mobility can be the bathroom and kitchen, and specifically plumbing areas that Gold Seal Plumbing has over 50 years of experience in. These areas are also the most used, and the most important spaces to be able to function well and move around easily in. Help is just a call away, as we have a multitude of options that can make aging in place a positive experience:


Every time we install comfort height toilets or bidets, we see just how drastically they improve quality of life for our customers. We have a wide variety of options for toilets to help senior citizens age in place.

Gold Seal offers installation of comfort height toilets, making it much easier to get on and off the toilet. The Ultra-High toilet by Kohler that we install has a 19 inch tall seat, enabling the user to stand up easier and not have to sink as low when sitting down. 19 inches is an ADA accessible height for a toilet, which allows for an easier transition from a wheelchair to a toilet. Grab bars surrounding toilets also make it easier and much safer to get on and off.

Toilet seats are also a very important aspect of making a home function well for a senior to age in place. The TOTO washlet is a popular option that Gold Seal installs, along with other bidet toilet seats. Heated, slow close, and washing capabilities make for a safe, easy, and clean way to use the restroom and easily improve personal hygiene. We can install toilet seats that wash, are heated, or close slowly with ease.

Showers and Baths:

Handheld showerheads and easy access showers can drastically improve safety for those with limited mobility. Slide bars are an easy install that can make the shower head height adjustable, which can greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of the shower. The Kohler hydro rail can easily transform a shower not just in functionality, but also offers a spa like environment at home. The hydro rail has a hose and detachable hand shower to make washing up easy, and it can be used with a shower head or rainhead. A removable hand shower insert can make all the difference in hygiene and ease when aging in place.

Easy Use Faucets:

The kitchen is another area your Gold Seal team can transform from difficult to use to simple and easy. We can switch out kitchen, bath, or laundry fixtures out to easy to use faucets. Some options include lever handle faucets that make for easier access, or motion sensor faucets. Bathroom or kitchen sink faucets can also be turned on with just the tap of a hand. The Delta kitchen sink is another popular option, which can be used with Amazon Alexa devices. Cleanliness, personal and home hygiene, and ease of use all are greatly improved in the home with our easy to use faucet installs.


Safety is the top priority, and what many of our age in place installs revolve around. Grab bars can be essential to making a home safe for aging, and are something that a Gold Seal technician can easily install. Tempering valves to protect the user from being scalded accidentally by hot water can also be an essential part of an aging in place home and the personal safety of the homeowner along with peace of mind for loved ones.

Whole home safety is just as important as personal safety, because they go hand in hand. The RectorSeal Triple Guard electronic water leak monitoring system is a popular and effective way to keep a home safe and healthy as well. Clothes and dish washers, water heaters, and many other spots in the home can be potential leak hazards, and when water leaks undetected it can not only ruin the structures and furniture in the area, but can also lead to dangerous problems like mold. TripleGuard not only has two water leak detectors, but it also has a shutoff unit for the water supply line, stopping the problem immediately. With a smart phone app that can control and check in, it is also great for family members to monitor.

We know from personal experience how important it is for people to be able to age in place with dignity, safety, and ease. Our expertise in transforming homes into a safe and easy to use sanctuary for individuals and families wishing to assist those aging in place can help greatly improve quality of life. We are just a call away at (509)535-5946, or are available to answer questions at