Bidet toilet seats have become more popular, easy to use, and accessible in the last several years. At Gold Seal Plumbing we have several different models we offer for install with great features for customers aging in place, or those who are looking for the luxury (without the huge price tag!) and cleanliness of a bidet toilet seat.

Bidet Seat Benefits

Our team knows just how important plumbing in the home is, and we have seen first hand from our customers how much improvement to quality of life a bidet toilet seat can bring. Some of the biggest benefits of installing a bidet toilet seat are:

Ability to Age in Place

A bidet toilet seat can make the difference for someone to be able to age in place in his or her home with safety and dignity. We can fit and install a bidet seat on a standard toilet, or we also offer 19-inch toilet installs, with that extra height making it much easier to get on and off. A bidet seat can ensure the personal hygiene help that a person of advanced hygiene needs, and peace of mind for their loved ones.

Personal Hygiene

A bidet toilet seat is sanitary and easy to use. It uses clean water, and the cleaning nozzle mechanism is designed to stay sanitary and out of the way of any dirty water. Personal hygiene has never been so easy! There are also options for lids that dry after cleaning, and more easy to use features.

Health Benefits

Not only can customers have better personal hygiene, but a bidet toilet seat can offer help for some health conditions. One example is the ability to provide pain relief for someone suffering from hemorrhoids. An easy to use cleaning device like this can make life so much so better for certain individuals dealing with health conditions or mobility issues that make this aspect of life difficult.

Bidet Install in Your Home

A Gold Seal team member can easily install a bidet seat in your home and explain how to use all of the features. For our customers, it is an easy switch to a better way of life! A bidet seat is an affordable way to have all of the benefits of a bidet without the hefty price tag of installing a whole new bidet toilet. We can fit the bidet seat to most toilets already in the home, making it a practical and easy switch for the customer. Gold Seal also offers installation of other custom toilet seats such as slow close lids, or heated toilet seats.

As the largest plumbing shop in Eastern Washington, we have the ability to hear what our customers want and need, and partner with them in making their home life better. Work with us in making your home a well-run sanctuary, and utilize our excellent customer service and expertise. Give us a call today at (509)535-5946 or email us at with any of your plumbing needs.