Age in Place in Dignity

Age in Place in Dignity

Age in Place in Dignity

We all know now more than ever the importance of home. Having a safe, functioning, comfortable place to call home is essential to a good quality of life, especially as one ages. At Gold Seal Plumbing, we’ve been helping our customers with just that for more than 50 years, and have so much to offer for those choosing to age in place at home.

Our team at Gold Seal is creating safe and accessible homes across the Inland Northwest. We have remodeled countless homes for customers aging in place, or managing a change in ability. We know that what used to be simple tasks can become daunting or downright dangerous as one ages. Care tasks and personal hygiene should always be safe and accessible to everyone, and our expertise allows that to happen for our customers.


Our first priority when remodeling for aging in place is always safety. Residents of the home as well as their loved ones should not have to worry about tasks like using the restroom or washing dishes. These are some safety features we often install to make a home more functional and safe for our aging in place customers:

Grab Bars: Grab bars can make all the difference in the world to someone maintaining independence at home. We strategically install grab bars in essential places, such as bathtubs and showers, or on our next to toilets. Having something to hold on to, or a sturdy, immovable bar to pull himself or herself up with decreases fall risk, and immensely increases the safety and independence of our customer.

Scald Protection: We can protect customers from scalding on all water sources with simple adjustments. For our aging clients and their loved ones, this is often an adjustment that gives a lot of peace of mind.

Leak Detection: Our team can install leak detection in strategic areas that notify the user or a loved one of a leak. This can help with a plumbing problem, or also if a sink or bathtub faucet was accidentally left on. Water damage can be a devastating problem in the home, and catching a leak early is always best.

Ease Of Use

We not only help our customers be and feel safer at home, but we also can make life a whole lot easier.

Toilet Adjustments

Comfort Height: We install custom toilets at comfort height. The American Disabilities Act has strict requirements for accessible bathrooms, and we have the expertise to comply with them all. An ADA compliant toilet is several inches taller than a standard toilet, making it easier to use, and Gold Seal can also install grab bars and make ample room for a fully ADA compliant bathroom.

Bidet: A bidet can be that extra help in hygiene that an aging in place customer deserves. Our team can install a bidet toilet, or add a bidet toilet seat to an existing toilet. We all deserve the dignity of independence in caring for ourselves, and a bidet can really help.

Soft Close: A soft or slow close toilet lid is less hazardous and heavy than a standard lid, and can be an essential part of a safe and easy to use bathroom.

Easy Use Faucets

We can make care tasks such as brushing teeth or washing dishes easy again. Our range of easy to use faucets meets our customers exactly where they are at. Lever faucets have an easy to grip and reach lever for a handle. Sensor faucets activate by light touch or a wave of the hand by the sensor, and are a sanitary and easy to use choice. For our tech-savvy customers, we also install “smart faucets”, which are compatible with amazon Alexa or other smart home devices. “Alexa, turn on the faucet!”

Hand Held Shower Heads

A handheld showerhead is a necessary bathroom installation for those with limited physical ability. It allows the user to safely sit and bathe, or stand with more control and ease of use. A handheld showerhead also greatly increases the safety of showering.

At Gold Seal Plumbing, we aren’t simply experts in all things plumbing. We understand the importance of our work, especially when it comes to the dignity, independence, and quality of life of our customers. That makes us the best choice for helping you or a loved one age in place safely at home. Call us today at (509)535-5946 for a free quote, or send us an email at .