Leak Detection: Moen Flo Whole Home System

Leak Detection: Moen Flo Whole Home System

Leak Detection: Moen Flo Whole Home System

When it comes to leak detection, most homeowners don't know that they have a leak until there is damage. Installing the Moen Flo Whole Home System will detect a leak before there is damage, saving you money from the damage and the insurance claims. But what is the Moen Flo Whole Home System?

According to Moen's website, "The Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff is a revolutionary smart home water security system that features a suite of products to protect your home from water damage and leaks, 24/7." The system consists of three different parts: the detectors, the monitor/shutoff, and the app. Let's explore what each part does and how they interact with each other.

  • The Detectors
    The detectors are small teardrop-shaped sensors that are placed anywhere around the house where you may be worried about leaks and water damage. They can be placed near water heaters, in bathrooms, or in garages. These can work independently from the shutoff or in conjunction with the shutoff. If the sensors detect moisture, they will send an alert to your preferred method of communication, notifying you of where the moisture is.
  • The Monitor & Shutoff
    The Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff is a device installed on the main water supply line that keeps track of the temperature and pressure conditions of the water, as well as water usage to be able to accurately track when there is a leak somewhere in the water line. If there is a leak, you can shut off the water from your phone or have it set to automatically shut off your water to prevent any further damage to your house.
  • The App
    The Flo by Moen app is the go-to place for real-time information about water consumption and any water that may be leaking somewhere in the house. It gives you all the data you need to make smart changes to your water consumption to save you money, as well as notifies you of any leaks that may be present.

So how do these parts all work together?

While the detectors can be standalone devices, pairing them with the Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff gives an extra bit of security from potentially catastrophic damage to your house. The monitor and shutoff work off the main water line, but the detectors can be placed anywhere where the shutoff doesn't cover. The app is the central hub for all the notifications and information about the home's water. Pairing all parts together ultimately will save you money and stress in the long run when it comes to leak detection.

For more information: please visit https://www.moen.com/flo

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