Descaling Your Water Heater With Gold Seal Plumbing

Often people are surprised to hear that a water heater needs to be descaled, and even more so to find out it should be descaled at least every two years! Descaling helps protect the water heater and maintain efficiency and safety, and is just one of the many ways Gold Seal Plumbing can help maintain your home. Here’s why we recommend a routine water heater descale:

Protection, Productivity, and Efficiency

When a water heater is in use, the process of heating the water leaves behind dissolved solids that can create problematic build up in the tank eventually. This residue causes a loss in efficiency that can add up not only in inconvenience but monetarily as well. Buildup in the tank causes lower flow rates and puts the water heater at risk for wearing out faster. Maintenance is key to longevity and efficiency for water heaters, and that’s where we come in.

The Process

Our Gold Seal technicians are proficient in providing maintenance on all types of water heaters, including tank-less water heaters. We use a safe and effective food grade (and biodegradable) cleaning solution to pump through the tank and remove any buildup. After a descaling with Gold Seal your water heater will be running like new!

If hard water and buildup are an issue at your house, we also offer water treatment services. We can dramatically improve water quality in your home, which increases the health and safety for your family as well as the efficiency of your plumbing system. After testing water quality we make a treatment plan for each home that typically involves water softeners, filters, conditioners and/or reverse osmosis filters.

A healthy, efficient, well-run home is just a call away. Contact us at (509)535-5946 to schedule a maintenance or send us an email at