Drain Cleaning Services in Spokane, WA

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing issues in the world. That doesn’t make the situation any less undesirable, however. Your home deserves a clean, functioning plumbing system. At Gold Seal Plumbing, we’re here to ensure that is what you get.

Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Services

Typically, a clogged drain is due to foreign objects, such as children’s toys, hair, or other bathroom products. Often, these objects are near the surface and easily removed. Our technicians will use a cable drain cleaner to remove the clog, ensuring proper waste removal.​

High Pressure Water Jetter

The plumbing world is steadily advancing. New techniques, such as hydro jetting, allow us to clean a drain and pipe system with ease. By forcing high-pressured water into the drain, any residue or build-up is successfully wiped from the pipes.

Even Though it's dirty work, our Plumbers stay clean!

You work hard to keep your home tidy. Who are we to come in and make a mess? At Gold Seal Plumbing, our experienced plumbers pride themselves on remaining clean and thorough. When you hire us for drain cleaning service, we’ll ensure your home is as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. No messy bathroom, and no dirt left behind!

Video Inspection

Sometimes, a clog is a bit too deep for the human eye. Should this be the case, we’ll use video inspection devices to locate the source. Once we successfully locate the clog, we can then act promptly to remove it.

Best Rooter Near You

There’s a reason so many homeowners and businesses choose Gold Seal Plumbing over the competition. There is no shortage of experienced plumbers, and yet none bring the same consistent high quality and professional service as our company. We’re tried and tested.

Hot and Cold Water Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

You might not know that the drain cleaning industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. In recent years, technicians like those here at Gold Seal Plumbing have acquired new training, advanced techniques, and innovative technology. The latest? Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning. When you need your sewer or drain cleaned thoroughly and quickly, hot and cold hydro jet cleaning is the only method we trust.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Once connected to a powerful nozzle, the hydro jet hose pushes out copious amounts of water at extreme pressure. We can even infuse a degreaser. The amount of pressure often reaches around 5800 PSI, which is quite powerful. This amount of pressure is perfect for scraping buildup and clogs out of your pipes. Once all the grime and debris have been removed, your drain will look like new — and function like it, too.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

There are countless reasons to select hydro jetting drain cleaning for your home. On the most basic level, this method does more than clear away sludge, grease, and buildup. It is more potent than any other drain cleaning method, and will even remove tree roots.

We Offer Up-Front Pricing

At Gold Seal Plumbing, we believe in competitive pricing. At the same time, we’re careful not to sacrifice quality or professionalism to achieve lower prices. Our technicians are some of the most thorough and highly-trained in the industry.

When you hire us, we’ll provide a full quote for our services beforehand. You’ll know the total cost before we begin any cleaning service.