Easy Use Faucets Installation in Spokane

If you plan on aging in place, ease of use is key. Simple tasks such as washing your hands, doing the dishes, or brushing your teeth can become a major chore when physical limitations are present. We even have faucets that will connect with smart home devices like Alexa. Gold Seal Plumbing offers easy use faucet installation in Spokane to extend your independence and keep those simple tasks as simple as possible!

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Technology has come a long way in ease of use kitchen sink faucets. Perfect for those with visual or physical limitations, easy use faucets offer settings such as motion and touch activated on/off controls, automatic and voice command measuring systems, and so much more. Many of the latest kitchen sink faucets are even equipped with Alexa capabilities – just ask your faucet to perform simple commands (“Alexa – give me ⅔ cups water!”) and let the faucet do the work for you.

Lever Handle Faucets

Those with physical limitations appreciate the ease of use of lever handle faucets. These faucets are specifically made with the user in mind and come in a wide variety of styles. With the unique easy grip design of these faucet handles help control water flow and temperature easily – preventing harmful burns and avoiding spraying water which can lead to dangerous slips and falls.

Sensor / Touch Faucets

Sensor and touch faucets are a popular choice for both residential and commercial ADA compliant bathrooms. With a simple touch of the faucet or a swipe of the hand near the sensor, the water from the faucet turns on to a pre-set temperature. These high-tech faucets are highly beneficial both for ease of use and sanitary purposes.

Why Choose Us?

Gold Seal Plumbing places a strong emphasis on safety standards for all of our customers. We are proud to provide modern-day conveniences to enhance quality of life while aging in place. By installing ease of use items, those with physical impairments or mobility issues can once again enjoy the comforts of home they are accustomed to. If you need more information on easy use faucet installation in or near Spokane, please give us a call. Our compassionate team is always here to help answer your questions and ease your mind for aging in place plumbing needs!