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Do you know what to do when that signature rotten egg smell of natural gas hits your nose? Gold Seal Plumbing wants you to stay safe by being informed on how to handle a gas leak situation if one occurs.

How can I identify a gas leak?

The main indicator of a gas leak is a strong rotten egg smell, however there are other signs that may let you know of a gas leak as well. A random patch of dead grass or vegetation could mean there is a gas line leak underground, as well as bubbles appearing in a puddle or body of water on your property. You may also even hear the hissing or blowing sounds of gas escaping into the air, of course accompanied by the strong rotten egg odor.


What should I do if I detect a gas leak?

If you smell natural gas in or around your home, immediately inform everyone in the household and evacuate all people and animals ASAP. While doing so, make absolutely certain nothing that can generate a spark or a flame is interacted with, including lighters, car engines, appliances, and electrical outlets. For example, do NOT trigger any switches, or use any electrical devices. You can turn off any gas-burning appliances before leaving, but the priority is getting out of the house safely. It is also advised to leave any windows and doors open that you can to encourage airing out the home.

Once you’re in a safe place away from the leak, call 911 for further instruction. Even if you aren’t sure if it is a natural gas leak, you should still follow this protocol – emergency services can determine the intensity of the situation and guide you down the right course of action.

If you are instructed to contact a repair company to address the leak, please call us at Gold Seal Plumbing. When it comes to gas line installation or gas line repair, our licensed technicians will do the job right. Our certified team of professionals are here to make sure your home is made safe as quickly as possible.

How can I help prevent gas leaks?

Periodically inspecting your gas lines and gas-burning appliances is the best way you can stay on top of potential gas leaks. Be on the lookout for corrosion, dents, cracks, or any damage in general to your exposed gas lines and listen for any hissing or leaking noises. There are also natural gas detectors available that you can install as a precaution, as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors won’t pick up on natural gas.

To have your home professionally inspected, give Gold Seal Plumbing a call today. We will ensure the natural gas supply to your home is in working order, and let you know if you have a current, imminent, or potential gas leak on your hands. In the case of a gas leak, we provide top-tier gas line installation and repair services, so contact our team at 509-535-5946 for immediate assistance. You can also reach our office staff by sending an email to

Practicing safe measures regarding natural gas is vital, so let Gold Seal Plumbing be a part of your home’s gas upkeep and maintenance.