Going Green

Green plumbing is the only surefire method to a healthier home. A relatively new initiative, the entire point is to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives – both at home and outside the home. In fact, more homeowners are opting for green services. They’re seeking environmentally-friendly solutions to everyday problems. At Gold Seal Plumbing, we anticipated the popularity of green service, and began offering proper solutions to the community.


By going green, you’re effectively conserving energy. The less water and energy wasted in your home, the better. In fact, new high-efficiency and low-flow plumbing appliances mean less spent on monthly utility bills. That is money going back into your pocket in the long-run. The initial investment isn’t even that high.

At current water prices, by going green you’re looking at savings of up to $400 annually. This savings stems from a 55 percent reduction in water consumption.


Like all plumbing services we offer, green plumbing is high-quality. We don’t skimp on protecting the environment, and neither should you. By setting up a relatively inexpensive plumbing system, one considered green, you’ll enjoy reduced water consumption without sacrificing water or plumbing quality. Your system will continue to run optimally, albeit healthier.


Countless plumbing advancements make your home more reliable and efficient. For instance, one such green device is a leak monitoring kit. A quick installation appointment could mean incredible savings. By catching leaks early, you’ll save thousands of gallons of wasted water each month.

Lastly, green plumbing uses the most recent high-efficiency fixtures and appliances on the market. These units are dependable, durable, and known to be reliable. We believe in them, and so should you!