Are you aware of the largest energy-cost culprits in your home?

Surprisingly, your water heater is one of them, and it is the second largest at that. Conventional storage tank water heaters generally cost anywhere from $350 to $450 a year, and while gas-powered heaters tend to cost less than electric heaters by around $100 annually, it still begs the question: is there a better way to heat my water? This is where hybrid – or “heat pump” – water heaters step up to the plate, bringing customers’ yearly energy costs down into the $100s. Read our overview of this air compressor technology in our blog post here.

To elaborate further on the heat pump mechanism, hybrid heaters remove warm air from the surrounding area and use it to heat refrigerant in the top of the unit. This heat pump technology is nothing new – air conditioners and refrigerators operate in a similar manner, and heat pump water heaters simply harness this tried-and-true technology with the goal of heating rather than cooling. The hot refrigerant then travels down to the bottom of the water pump in piping that wraps around the outside the tank, thus heating the water within. It is important to note that the water remains untouched by the heating element itself, as this prevents mineral buildup common to standard water heaters with internal heating mechanisms. From there, the hot water rises to the top of the tank where it is transported into your home. This system is the key to energy conservation, and thus, massive savings!

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Understanding the heat pump aspect is just part of the magic – heat pump water heaters are also called hybrids because, well, they are exactly that! They incorporate a fail-safe to accommodate all water usage scenarios by embodying traditional electric heating elements that supplement the heat pump mechanism if necessary. To employ this backup system, you need only switch the heater to the “Hybrid” mode from the “Heat Pump (Only)” mode – this will enable the electric heating element to activate when the tank runs low on hot water, extending its functionality. Long showers while the dishwasher is running are no match for the hybrid water heater!

The versatility of the heat pump water knows no bounds, as there are even more modes to choose from to fit your water heating needs. You can rely entirely on the electric heating element in the “Electric (Only)” mode, and if you are leaving the house for an extended period of time, most units have a “Vacation” mode where the system will maintain fixed temperature using the lowest energy process possible.

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Looking to invest in a hybrid water heater now that you know why critics are raving? Check out the Bradford White AeroTherm® Heat Pump Water Heater! Rated among some of the best hybrid water heaters of 2021, the AeroTherm® is waiting to be installed in your home and start saving you money. The Energy Star certification doesn’t lie – you’ll be amazed at the amount of instant hot water you will enjoy from this low energy appliance.

The AeroTherm® makes selecting modes easy with its user-friendly control panel on the front, where you can also set the maximum temperature with the click of a button. It operates quietly, has a unique anti-corrosion tank lining, and has competitive upfront costs on top of it all. On the topic of costs, the AeroTherm® can save you around 300$ a year in operating expenses, and with a warranty of ten years, this water pump more than pays for itself. You can even receive tax credits for using an energy-efficient product in your home such as this! And if that wasn’t enough, we haven’t even mentioned rebates – visit the Bradford White website for more information on their money-saving rebate plans. This is a strong competitor in the hybrid water heater realm!

Our team at Gold Seal Plumbing is prepped and ready to install a top-of-the-line hybrid water pump in your home today. Give us a call at (509) 535-5946 or send us an email inquiry at for more information on heat pump water heaters or to book a consultation. Experience the difference that this energy-efficient and cost-effective device makes!