Tired of waiting for hot water at your bathroom sink or in your shower? At Gold Seal Plumbing, we have the solution for you. We install Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation Pumps that will bring instant hot water wherever and whenever you need it! Not only will you cut down on the annoying time wasted waiting for hot water to reach you, but you will also cut down on thousands of gallons of wasted water every month. That’s right, thousands!

In a family that takes an average of four showers a day, the water wasted running down the drain in the wait for hot water can add up to thousands of gallons of wasted water every year. In fact, on average a home wastes approximately 31 gallons of water daily, which adds up to 11,000 gallons a year. Hot water recirculation with a Grundfos pump can have an incredibly positive environmental impact as well as save time and money in your home.

Without a recirculation pump, the unused hot water sits in the line and cools. When turning on the hot water tap, all of that now cool water sitting in the line has to work it’s way out before the water (all the way across the house) from the water heater reaches the tap. With a Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation Pump, this problem is solved. Here’s how it works:

“This system uses the cold water supply line as the “return-line” to the water heater. A circulator pump is used to create a pressure differential that allows the cold and cool water in the hot water supply line to by-pass (at low volume) into the cold supply line through a patented thermostatically controlled valve that is mounted under the sink furthest from the water heater.” [1]

The system is installed directly onto the water heater, which helps pull unused water back to the hot water heater to be reheated. In the pipes, there is always hot water available due to the continual circulation of hot water in the lines with the recirculation pump. A valve is placed under the sink that is farthest in location away from the hot water heater, which controls the hot water line and cold water line flow.

Don’t wait to stop wasting your time, money, and water supply. Our customers absolutely love having a water recirculation pump, and it quickly pays for itself with the time, money, and water savings. Call us today at (509)535-5946 to get your Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation Pump. We can have one of our friendly team members out to install it, and you’ll have hot water in an instant.

[1] Grundfos. Comfort System General Brochure. Retrieved from: https://us.grundfos.com/content/dam/NAMREG/Literature/Brochures-Flyers/Sales-Brochure-Comfort-System.pdf