Hybrid water heaters, also known as heat pump water heaters, are among the best-kept secret in home appliances. Though their heat pump technology makes them ultra-efficient, hybrid water heaters are also notable for performing as well or better than standard electric tanks, with a long lifespan and unmatched savings, to boot.

Sound too good to be true? Here’s how it’s possible.

The heat pump in a hybrid water heater works by capturing heat from the surrounding air and transferring it to the tank. This is much more efficient than standard electric water heaters, which work hard to generate their own heat. In fact, hybrid water heaters use just 40% of the electricity consumed by conventional models — a difference you’ll notice on your electric bill.

Efficiency is great, but it wouldn’t mean much without the performance to back it up. This is where hybrid water heaters really deliver, typically even better than standard electric tanks. The average First Hour Rating, a measure of how much hot water a water heater can deliver in an hour from a fully heated tank, is higher for hybrids than for conventional electric models. And the Recovery Rate, or the amount of hot water the water heater is capable of producing in a given period of time, is significantly better for hybrids.

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How long does a good thing last? The answer for hybrid water heaters may come as a pleasant surprise: Their typical lifespan is 13–15 years. This reliability reflected in the warranties, too — we offer a 10-year manufacturer parts warranty and a 6-year labor warranty on the hybrid water heaters we install. This should give you peace-of-mind, especially considering the standard 6-year warranty for standard electric tanks.

While these are all great reasons to opt for a hybrid water heater, the most rewarding thing might actually be the unmatched savings potential. While conventional water heaters generally have a lower purchase price than hybrid water heaters, the lower operating cost of hybrid models means the difference in sticker price will be made up in just three years — or even quicker with a rebate of up to $600 from your electric utility. After that, the hybrid will cost $300 less every year than a conventional model. In the long run, you’re looking at savings of up to $3,600 with a hybrid water heater.

If a water heater can do all that while using significantly less energy, why not make the switch? Learn more about our hybrid water heater services or call us today at (509) 535-5946 and we’ll help you find the right model for your home.