New Hygienic Touchless Toilets with Gold Seal Plumbing

We are all more conscious than ever of hygiene and the spread of germs, and plumbing fixtures are an area of a home or business that are on the forefront of our minds when disinfecting. Gold Seal Plumbing can help your home or business in this effort. Starting in January 2021, we are excited to offer installation and set up of  American Standard’s new Cadet Touchless toilets.

Cleanliness You Can Count On

This simple to use toilet will make your space more hygienic than ever. A small sensor is mounted to the wall above or close to the toilet. Simply wave your hand over the sensor, and the toilet will activate a powerful flush. Stop the spread of germs in its tracks!

These new toilets are also part of the American Standard Everclean line. All surfaces of the toilet are double coated with an odor and stain resistant layer. The Everclean layer will not only keep the toilet looking clean and new, but actually prevents the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. The mirror-like smooth surface also prevents grime from having anywhere to stick to.

This antimicrobial surface is not an extra or add on with this toilet. It comes standard at no extra cost, to bring you the most hygienic toilet possible.

Dependability You Can Trust

The Cadet Touchless toilet sensor has a one-year battery life, which means dependability without the hassle of making sure a sensor is charged constantly. There is also a manual button that can be used on the side of the toilet if the batteries run out, so the toilet will still work without the sensor. There is a blue indicator light on the sensor that will flash when the batteries are low, so you won’t miss it.

The sensors and toilets are also engineered to be able to have multiple toilets in the same bathroom (such as in a business), and still work seamlessly. The American Standard Cadet series use a high performance flushing system that results in fewer clogs. The bowl stays cleaner, and with a larger siphon outlet, the flushing capacity is greater.

Our plumbing team has served the Inland Northwest for over 50 years, and we not only service more homes and businesses than any other firm, we do it with excellence. Buying and installing a new touchless toilet can be easy and worry free with Gold Seal.

Efficiency Always

Reap the benefits of a more efficient toilet in your home. The Cadet Touchless toilets not only have the ADA seal of compliance, but also the WaterSense EPA seal. This means with each flush, you are conserving water and saving money. Over the lifetime of a toilet, the amount of money saved with a high efficiency toilet over a standard toilet really adds up.


New Hygienic Touchless Toilets with Gold Seal Plumbing

The American Standard Cadet Touchless toilets launch in January of 2021. Your team at Gold Seal Plumbing has done the research and work to be able to offer these toilets, and we are ready to get them in your home or office.

We offer toilet installation, maintenance, and also 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Let us help you get set up with the most hygienic, efficient bathroom as possible. Gold Seal Plumbing also can install other high efficiency fixtures, and are here for any residential or commercial plumbing needs. Give us a call with any questions you have, or to get on the schedule for installation of one of these high demand toilets. You can reach us at (509)535-5946, or send us an email at .

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