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Sewer Services Deep Creek, Washington

Trenchless Lining

Deep Creek, Washington Trenchless Lining

Trenchless Sewer Repair - Lining

Gold Seal Plumbing introduces the LightRay UV cured-in-place pipe-lining system, a cutting-edge method that fully rehabilitates sewer lines in just a few hours. Unlike traditional methods that take days or weeks, this technology ensures minimal disruption, preserving your landscape and home structure. As the region's exclusive provider of LightRay UV technology, Gold Seal Plumbing guarantees speed, efficiency, and long-lasting results for all your sewer repair needs.

Trenchless LiningDeep Creek, Washington
Trenchless Bursting

Deep Creek, Washington Trenchless Bursting

Trenchless Sewer Repair - Bursting

Trenchless sewer repair is the most minimally invasive method for addressing sewer line issues, requiring only 1 to 4 strategically placed holes instead of extensive excavation. Our sewer bursting technique replaces old pipes with new, root-proof, seamless pipes, significantly reducing digging and disruption. Serving Spokane, WA, since 1967, Gold Seal Plumbing provides expert trenchless sewer repair and installation, ensuring reliable solutions and peace of mind.

Trenchless BurstingDeep Creek, Washington
Open Trench Sewer Repair

Deep Creek, Washington Open Trench Sewer Repair

Open Dig Sewer Repair

Open Trench repair is the traditional sewer repair, and sometimes there is a situation that will only allow this type of repair, although it’s rare. This method is one of heavy construction where we bring in an excavator to dig a trench along the length of the damaged sewer pipe. This method should honestly only be considered if a situation warrants it with today’s technology.

Open Trench Sewer RepairDeep Creek, Washington
Sewer Cleaning

Deep Creek, Washington Sewer Cleaning

Sewer Cleaning and Root Removal

Are you dealing with sewer backups, slow drains, or sinkholes? These issues often result from root intrusion, particularly in cast iron pipes. Gold Seal Plumbing offers efficient trenchless solutions, using high-speed root cutting and hydro jetting to eliminate roots and restore your sewer system without extensive digging. Contact us today for professional and cost-effective sewer repair services.

Sewer CleaningDeep Creek, Washington
Sewer Inspection

Deep Creek, Washington Sewer Inspection

Video Inspection of the Sewer Line

At Gold Seal Plumbing, we use advanced sewer camera technology to diagnose and resolve plumbing issues efficiently and precisely. This high-resolution camera provides a clear, real-time view inside your plumbing system, allowing our technicians to identify blockages, leaks, root intrusions, and pipe damage without extensive digging. With expert technicians and cutting-edge technology, Gold Seal Plumbing offers comprehensive and non-invasive solutions to ensure your plumbing system operates optimally.

Sewer InspectionDeep Creek, Washington
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