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When water starts to pool up in the toilet, sink, or shower, it’s never a pleasant find. Having clogged pipes is one of the most frustrating and common plumbing issues faced in the home, and thinking about everything that we tend to wash down the drain without a second thought, it’s no surprise that buildups happen so frequently. With consideration of a few drain no-no’s, however, you’ll find yourself facing this hiccup less and less, and perhaps save yourself from a plumbing emergency!

What not to rinse down the drain

Buildup of materials within our pipes are out of sight and out of mind – that is, until the water begins to noticeably drain slower. If you consider what kinds of substances are the usual suspects in causing clogs, you can prevent buildup by keeping these hazards away from your drain.

Oils, fats, and grease

Oils, fats, and grease maybe be liquidous in higher heat, but they begin to solidify as they approach room temperature and below. This conglomeration loves to gather other debris in its stickiness, acting as glue for everything that passes by and causing major blockages. In fact, nearly 47% of all sewer flows are caused by grease buildups. Stop before you rinse!

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are one of the other most common culprits of clogged drains, and plumbers are never surprised to see it. Coffee grounds and sticky sludge love to team up and gum-up your pipes.


When pulverized by the garbage disposal, you wouldn’t think that eggshells would be so sinister – but similar to the clogging power of coffee grounds, eggshell bits are also prolific at building up in your drain.

Produce stickers

Needless to say, you don’t want any trash going into your drain, but produce stickers tend to sneak their way down there frequently as we clean our fruits and veggies. Although just small enough to not seem like a big deal, the nature of stickers is being sticky, and thus they will hang on tight and only add to the buildup in your pipes.


The absorbent qualities of pasta, rice, and other grains like quinoa make them super-expanders in your pipes if given the chance. We all know these foods get exceptionally tacky to the touch as well, so imagine that consistency sticking around in your pipes!


Flour is another glue-like substance that works relentlessly to stay in your pipes long past its welcome, hardening all the while.

Floss, string, and hair

We know how quickly hair can clog up a drain, and floss and string are no exception. Tangling up and gripping onto everything that goes by is what they do best!

Toxic chemicals/medication

We do not want to forego mentioning the disastrous effects of introducing toxic elements to the water supply. When you rinse or flush chemicals, they pollute our waterways and destroy the environment, not to mention contaminating the water supply we drink from. Keep our planet healthy!

What not to flush down the toilet

“Flushable” wipes

Despite claiming to be flushable, these wet wipes are often the cause of toilet clogs. They simply don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does.

Paper towels/tissues

In the same vein as wet wipes, paper towels and tissues are not made to break down in water like toilet paper. Don’t be fooled by these paper products – only toilet paper is meant for the toilet!

Feminine products

Absorbing liquid is the sole purpose of pads and tampons, and they would do exactly this in your toilet, expanding to the point of completely blocking your pipes.

Kitty litter

Your toilet is only meant for human excrement, even if your cat litter claims to be flushable. Cat litter reliably clogs drains and exposes the water supply to harmful fecal bacteria – no thank you!

Anything that can’t be rinsed down the drain!

Everything we previously mentioned as being common clogging perpetrators in drains is just as dangerous in your toilets. Avoid disaster by being aware of what you’re allowing to go down into your pipes, and by investing in strainers to catch what you don’t!

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