Join the Quality Service Club

Since our founding, Gold Seal Plumbing has made it our goal to impress our clients with value and professional service. While our work speaks for itself, we’re always open to innovative ways to save you money. Therefore, the Quality Service Club was born. As a member, you’re entitled to numerous benefits, which we’ll go over in further detail.

What is Quality Service Club?

The Quality Service Club from Gold Seal Plumbing is just one more way we thank the community for its support. When you hire Gold Seal Plumbing to perform repairs, maintenance, or even installations, your personal plumber will gauge your interest in the membership program.

By joining the Quality Service Club, you’re entitled to diverse benefits, special pricing offers, and priority service. Our membership program is just one more way we’re providing the highest-quality service possible – and always with enthusiasm and smiles on our faces!


As a member, you’re entitled to the following benefits:

These benefits are, of course, on top of the professional plumbing service you’ll always receive. With Gold Seal Plumbing, you’re guaranteed cost-effective solutions for your more troublesome drains and fixtures!