We all know water heaters play an important role in the efficiency of our home, and not simply financially. Whether it is using our precious time waiting for hot water, energy usage, or high utility bills, a water heater can make a large impact on quality of life at home. At Gold Seal, we are proud to offer Rheem hybrid water heaters that can make home life easier and your house run more efficiently.

Rheem hybrid heat pump water heaters are Energy Star rated and EcoNet enabled, making them incredibly efficient and reducing the overall operating cost. When compared to standard electric water heaters not only do they save energy, but they deliver hot water faster. The temperature operating range is also widest in its class, making this hybrid water heater a useful addition for any home.

Safety is also something you’ll never have to worry about with a Rheem Hybrid water heater: with the LCD screen updating data from the built in water sensors and an audible alarm, you will know if any changes need to be made before there is an issue. There are also external sensors that will send an immediate alert to the app if any water is detected outside of the water heater. With this set up the homeowner can also receive updates through an app on their phone, and even control the water system! Going on vacation or trying to save energy throughout the week has never been more easy.

Rheem estimates that using a hybrid water heater adds up to about $5,000 in energy savings over it’s lifetime, which makes it a no-brainer to choose for your next water heater! Not only that, but Avista offers rebates for energy efficient water heater installs in your home. For electric water heaters, you can get up to a $215 rebate. Combined with a rebate and energy savings, a hybrid water heater is an affordable way to make your home more efficient.

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