Get rewarded for your plumbing upgrades! We don’t just mean the reward of having a new faucet or toilet: now with the installation of certain new plumbing fixtures, the City of Spokane offers “Water Wise Rebates”. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home, or trying to save on a water bill at your business, Gold Seal Plumbing can install new plumbing fixtures that will help you save now and in the long run. With the installation of a high efficiency plumbing fixture, you can earn rebates up to $100 a toilet or more combined with other new fixtures!

Professional Installation

When it comes to installing new toilets, showerheads, or any other plumbing fixtures, we have seen firsthand how important it is to have the installation done by a professional. Countless times, our technicians have been called out to fix a massive problem (that caused water damage in the home or business) that could have been prevented simply with proper installation. To ensure that your new water and bill saving fixture actually will save you in the long run, call Gold Seal Plumbing and our staff will get you set up right the first time, and ready to send in for these Water Wise rebates!

Serious Savings

We all know how quickly the water bill can add up, especially when combined with other utilities. In fact, the most water usage in a home may come from a plumbing fixture you may not think of: the toilet! According to the City of Spokane Public Works & Utilities, about 30% of an average home’s water usage goes solely towards flushing the toilet. Switching to a high efficiency toilet with Gold Seal Plumbing can make a large dent in your monthly utilities, as well as be eligible for a $100 rebate!

Efficiency and Conservation

Not only can you save money with these Water Wise Rebates, but you can also contribute greatly to the city (and worldwide) water conservation. Take part in a more sustainable future by making an easy switch with Gold Seal Plumbing to a high efficiency toilet, showerhead, or other plumbing fixture. The Spokane Water Department extended the rebate deadlines through this year, and the application process is easy to complete here on their website.

Save Money With Gold Seal Plumbing and Water Wise Rebates

In the chart above, the Water Wise rebates that are available are laid out according to the amount of money you can earn back for each plumbing switch. There are even more rebates available for your home or business, including

Cooling Tower Conductivity Controllers and Urinals as well.

Installing new plumbing fixtures in your home is simple and easy with our Gold Seal Plumbing team, and we don’t only help you save money but time and efficiency as well. We have a new line of high efficiency toilets with hands free flushing as well as antibacterial surfaces that are perfect for keeping your home and business clean, efficient, and sanitary. Whether you have a broken fixture, a leak, or are just ready for an upgrade, we can help!

To book an appointment with one of our excellent technicians to install a high efficiency plumbing fixture and cash in on the savings, you can send us an email at or give us a call at (509)535-5946 today!