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Accessible Plumbing Solutions Freeman, Washington

Enhancing Independence and Safety for Older Adults

Aging in Place Plumbing

Aging in Place Plumbing Service in Freeman, Washington

Enhancing Independence and Safety for Older Adults

Gold Seal Plumbing offers specialized services to help older adults live independently and safely in their homes. We install easy-use faucets, handheld shower heads, hydro rail systems, slide bars, and ADA-compliant toilets to enhance accessibility and convenience. Our team prioritizes safety and comfort, providing modern amenities that cater to physical impairments or mobility issues.

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When updating your home for aging in place, several conveniences can enhance safety and comfort. Gold Seal Plumbing offers home renovations in the Spokane area, ensuring you can approach advanced age with ease. Key updates to consider include grab bars, tempering valves for water temperature control, leak detection devices, and more to create a safe, accessible home environment.

As we age, changes in physical and mental health are inevitable, but a change of address doesn’t have to be. Many are choosing to age in place rather than move to assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Modern technologies make this a comfortable and viable option, providing the conveniences needed to maintain an independent lifestyle. Trust Gold Seal Plumbing to help you or your loved ones live safely and comfortably at home.

For all your aging-in-place plumbing needs, Gold Seal Plumbing ensures your home is equipped for safety and comfort, helping you maintain your independence. Contact us today for personalized solutions and expert installation services.



While the shower is a place of relaxation for many, it can be hazardous for those with limited mobility or physical impairments. Gold Seal Plumbing offers handheld shower head installation to enhance safety and provide greater control. These shower heads ease worries and ensure a more secure, comfortable shower experience.

Benefits of Handheld Shower Heads:

  • Improved Control: Easily adjust the water flow and direction for a safer shower.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reduce the risk of slips and falls with better maneuverability.
  • Added Peace of Mind: Enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing shower experience.
Optimize Your Shower with Slide Bar Shower Systems

Optimize Your Shower with Slide Bar Shower Systems

Slide bar shower systems are ideal for individuals in wheelchairs or those who prefer to sit while showering. These systems, installed using existing plumbing, allow for easy height adjustment of the shower head, enhancing accessibility and comfort.

Benefits of Slide Bar Shower Systems:

  • Accessibility: Perfect for wheelchair users and individuals who sit while showering.
  • Adjustable Height: Easily customize the shower head height for a personalized experience.
  • Ease of Use: Simple installation using existing plumbing ensures convenience and flexibility.
Enhance Your Bathroom with Hydro Rail Shower Columns

Enhance Your Bathroom with Hydro Rail Shower Columns

Hydro Rail shower columns are an excellent option for adding aging-in-place amenities without extensive renovations. These hand-held shower systems provide a spa-like experience with easy installation, utilizing your existing plumbing lines without the need to access valves or remove shower walls.

Benefits of Hydro Rail Shower Columns:

  • Easy Installation: No need for major renovations, as these systems use existing plumbing.
  • Spa-Like Experience: Transform your bathroom into a relaxing retreat with minimal effort.
  • Customizable Options: Choose from various Hydro Rail systems to find the perfect shower head and handheld device to meet your specific needs.
Enhance Safety and Comfort with Quality Toilet Seats

Enhance Safety and Comfort with Quality Toilet Seats

Investing in a quality toilet seat is crucial for aging in place, especially for those with limited mobility or physical disabilities. Basic toilet seats can pose hazards, but Gold Seal Plumbing offers a wide range of toilet seat options designed for safety and comfort. Our selections are ideal for both aging in place and commercial ADA compliance standards.

Wide Variety of Options:

  • Bidets: Experience luxury and enhanced hygiene.
  • Heated Seats: Enjoy added comfort during colder months.
  • Slow-Close Lids: Prevent accidental slams and ensure safety.
Ultra-High Comfort Height Toilets Installation

Ultra-High Comfort Height Toilets Installation

Comfort height toilets offer customization with various height options to meet your specific needs. When selecting the right comfort toilet, it's crucial to consider both current and future physical requirements. Ultra-high comfort toilets, featuring a 19” tall bowl height, provide an easier and more dignified experience for individuals with physical limitations, allowing them to sit and stand with greater ease.

Benefits of Ultra-High Comfort Height Toilets:

  • Increased Accessibility: The 19” tall bowl height makes it easier for those with mobility issues to use the toilet independently.
  • Enhanced Dignity: These toilets help maintain a sense of dignity and independence for everyone.
  • Customizable Options: Various height options are available to suit your specific needs.
Comfort Height and ADA Toilets Installation in Spokane

Comfort Height and ADA Toilets Installation in Spokane

Performing simple, everyday tasks can become challenging and dangerous with physical limitations. Comfort height and ADA-compliant toilets are ideal solutions for individuals with mobility issues, providing a safer and more comfortable bathroom experience. These toilets are higher than standard models and often include features like powerful flushes and elongated bowls for added comfort.

Benefits of Comfort Height and ADA Toilets:

  • Increased Height: ADA-compliant toilets range from 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the seat, compared to the standard 15 inches, making it easier to sit and stand.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Features like elongated bowls and powerful flushes add to the convenience and ease of use.
  • Safety Compliance: ADA toilets meet strict guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensuring ease of use for individuals with limitations.

Commercial ADA Compliance: For commercial restrooms, ADA compliance includes ample space for wheelchairs and the installation of grab bars for safety. Gold Seal Plumbing ensures your commercial restrooms meet these requirements, providing accessibility for all users.

Enhance Independence with Easy-Use Faucets

Enhance Independence with Easy-Use Faucets

Ease of use is essential for maintaining independence. Simple tasks like washing hands, doing dishes, or brushing teeth can become challenging with physical limitations. Gold Seal Plumbing offers easy-use faucet installation in Spokane and surrounding areas, including smart faucets that connect with devices like Alexa.

Benefits of Easy-Use Faucets:

  • Enhanced Independence: Simplify daily tasks to maintain your independence.
  • Smart Home Integration: Connect faucets with smart home devices for added convenience.
  • Accessible Design: Faucets designed for ease of use, catering to physical limitations.
Aging in Place Plumbing FAQs
Grab Bars

Grab bars are one of the most important items to install for accessible bathrooms. Whether you need extra help sitting or rising from the toilet, or could benefit from some extra stability while you bathe and shower, grab bars are a simple way to make every day tasks less challenging. We install sturdy grab bars in accordance with ADA compliance so you will have the peace of mind that support is in place whenever and wherever you need it most.

Tempering Valves

Tempering valves – also referred to as anti-scald valves – protect you from burns and sudden extreme changes in water temperature from your faucets. Scalds can be extremely dangerous for those in advanced ages as well as children, whose skin is more susceptible to burns. By installing tempering valves, you are in control of the top temperature your hot water faucets can reach to prevent injury. By mixing cool water with hot, tempering valves greatly reduce the risk of burns and make scalding virtually impossible. We can install tempering valves directly to your hot water system to control whole-home water temperature or to specific faucets by attaching the valves to the hot water line.

Leak Detection

Water leaks can wreak havoc on a home – especially if they are not taken care of right away. For individuals with disabilities or hearing or visual impairments, detecting a leak isn’t always easy. We recommend installing leak detection devices in every aging in place residence to prevent major damage from occurring as a result of a leak. Certain smart leak devices can even alert caretakers and family members of leaks so service can be scheduled even sooner. Ask us about our leak detection capabilities for extra peace of mind in your home.


Bidet toilet seats are not only a luxury item – they are sometimes a necessity for individuals with mobility issues or who are advanced in age. Bidet toilet seats are easy to use and have several settings and functionalities that aid in important personal hygiene and assist in independence.


Heated toilet seats provide warmth and added comfort for individuals aging in place. Installation of heated toilet seats is relatively simple and the user can begin experiencing the advantages of the seat immediately. Along with the obvious added comfort from warmth, heated toilet seats can also help with arthritic pain and stiff muscles.

Slow Close

Heavy, fast-closing toilet seats and lids can be a hazard for individuals with limited mobility or physical impairments. Gold Seal Plumbing recommends slow close toilet seats and lids for optimal safety of our aging in place customers. Slow close lids can be installed on your existing toilet or on any ADA compliant toilet.

Kitchen Sink Faucets

Technology has come a long way in ease of use kitchen sink faucets. Perfect for those with visual or physical limitations, easy use faucets offer settings such as motion and touch activated on/off controls, automatic and voice command measuring systems, and so much more. Many of the latest kitchen sink faucets are even equipped with Alexa capabilities – just ask your faucet to perform simple commands (“Alexa – give me ⅔ cups water!”) and let the faucet do the work for you.

Lever Handle Faucets

Those with physical limitations appreciate the ease of use of lever handle faucets. These faucets are specifically made with the user in mind and come in a wide variety of styles. With the unique easy grip design of these faucet handles help control water flow and temperature easily – preventing harmful burns and avoiding spraying water which can lead to dangerous slips and falls.

Sensor / Touch Faucets

Sensor and touch faucets are a popular choice for both residential and commercial ADA compliant bathrooms. With a simple touch of the faucet or a swipe of the hand near the sensor, the water from the faucet turns on to a pre-set temperature. These high-tech faucets are highly beneficial both for ease of use and sanitary purposes.

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