Sewer Line Repair Spokane, WA

Gold Seal Plumbing is the leading expert in all sewer services, including repair and installation. We’ve provided comprehensive sewer repair for Spokane, WA residents and businesses since day one. With decades of experience, any issue you stumble across, we’ll provide a solution.
Sewer Repair Services

Most homeowner’s insurance policies refuse to cover sewer repair, and neither will the city. It’s up to you. The cost can be high, in some cases. At Gold Seal Plumbing, we work tirelessly to optimize our sewer repair services and ensure an affordable price. Ask us about our trenchless repair options as well. In the event of a stoppage or broken pipe, it helps to have a professional on speed dial.
Sewer Cleaning Services

A clean sewer system is crucial. When well-maintained, your sewer will enjoy an extended lifespan and increased efficiency. For a busy household, a proper sewer system helps remove waste promptly, ensuring clean living.
Sewer Inspection Services

Before costly repairs, consulting Gold Seal Plumbing for sewer services, such as an inspection, is vital. We’ll navigate through the entire system, locating any problem areas. Should we discover an issue, our plumbing technicians will solve the problem right then and there!

24-Hour Sewer Service

Plumbing emergencies do not operate on a convenient time table. It could be the middle of the night when a leak or burst pipe occurs. Should this be the case, know that Gold Seal Plumbing is available and prepared to tackle sewer services at any time of the day or night. Whether your issue is a quick job or not, we’ll stick by your side and provide worthwhile solutions. You’ll be put at ease by how calm and collected we appear.