How Radon Enters House

Radon is a radioactive gas that can be found all over the United States and is especially prevalent in Washington and Idaho. It comes from the natural breakdown of Uranium in the soil. Spokane and surrounding areas are well known for Uranium bearing host rock. In the mid 1950’s world class Uranium was mined from the Daybreak Mine near Mount Spokane. Some of those specimens are still on display at the Smithsonian institute.

When Uranium breaks down it turns to Radium which in turn turns to Radon. Radon gas seeps in through cracks and openings in your homes foundation. Any type of home can have radon problems. Whether you have a new or old home, basement or not, Radon can still be present. The more you are at home with high levels of Radon the higher your chances of health issues. The Surgeon General has warned that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The good news is finding out if you have a Radon problem is relatively simple and inexpensive.

The only way to find out your Radon levels is to do a test at your home. The minimum testing time is 48 hours. This usually involves installing a test kit in a bedroom on the lowest living level of your home. Keeping all doors and windows shut except for normal entry and exit will give you the most accurate results. These tests can be purchased at a local hardware store and installed by the homeowner. These tests are sealed and mailed into a lab which will notify you of your results. Also if you would like, Gold Seal Plumbing has some of the most state of the art testing equipment we can set up for you. This can give you piece of mind not only that the results will be accurate but also our licensed Radon personnel can read the tests on-site saving you time waiting on the lab results.

Any level of Radon can cause health effects. The EPA has set an “action level” of 4.0 pCiL of Radon. If your results come in higher than 4.0 you should have your house mitigated for Radon. This usually involves drilling a hole through your foundation and installing a pipe and fan to create a vacuum. This draw on the soil will suck the Radon from under your home and pump it outside where it can safely dissipate. Gold Seal Plumbing has all the tools and expertise to make your home completely safe.

Remember testing is the only way to truly know your levels. Most home sales now come with a Radon test done by the home inspector. If you recently purchased a home and your results were high and would like to talk about options on mitigation, or if you haven’t yet had your house tested and this is something you would like to have done, please give us a call. With a little effort we can make sure your home is safe for you and your family.